NALC representatives champion local councils in parliament


National Association of Local Councils (NALC) president Baroness Ros Scott of Needham Market and vice-president, The Earl of Lytton, championed local (parish and town) councils in the House of Lords Committee Stage of the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill.

In the first session, held on 13 March 2023, Baroness Scott made amendments to involve local councils in the overview and scrutiny of committees of combined authorities. This revision received cross-party support. The government minister Earl Howe stated that while this could be appropriate, it should be determined locally and not made mandatory.

There were several revisions by NALC representatives in the session held on 15 March 2023. These adjustments covered the suspension of councillors, carer’s dependents allowance, review of neighbourhood governance, power to pay grants to local councils, financial assistance to places of worship and the General Power of Competence.

NALC is pressing for further amendments at the Report Stage of the Bill, such as the carer’s allowance.

Watch or read the 13 March 2023 session

Watch or read the 15 March 2023 session

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