NALC publishes an updated edition of The Good Councillor's guide to employment


The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has published an updated edition of The Good Councillor's guide to employment. The publication provides advice and information on crucial employment areas for councillors to improve their employees' work and benefit their communities.

Being a good employer is essential to being a councillor, and the newly updated guide offers a comprehensive and straightforward approach to key employment areas. Councillors who read this guide will be better equipped to deliver improved council services for the residents of their communities.

The guide has six sections that cover the job cycle from recruitment to leaving an organisation for any reason. The information contained in each section is based on employment legislation and good practice. The guide is essential to help all councillors be good employers and make their employees feel more valued and effective.

With many local (parish and town) councils holding elections this year, there is an excellent opportunity to support new councillors in their roles by providing them with resources such as The Good Councillor's guide to employment, part of a suite of guides NALC offers to members councils on their website for free. Print copies of the guide(s) can also be purchased from your county association.

The guide encourages readers to explore the resources and support of the Civility and Respect Project. A joint project between NALC, county associations, the Society of Local Council and One Voice Wales. The project aimed to prioritise civility and respect in the local council sector and change culture.

Read The Good Councillor's guide to employment (member-only)

Order The Good Councillor's guide to employment

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