NALC calls for a share of the new Infrastructure Levy


The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) representatives spoke at the Committee Stage of the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill on the new Infrastructure Levy.

NALC vice-president, The Earl of Lytton, spoke to an amendment tabled by NALC president Baroness Scott of Needham Market. The amendment aims to require local (parish and town) councils to be a specified recipient of the neighbourhood share of the levy and for that share to be 25% or 35% for a local council with a neighbourhood development plan. It also aims to give local councils greater flexibility over how receipts are spent.

Baroness Scott responded to the amendment, confirming the government’s commitment to empowering communities through the planning system and that local councils must not lose out by introducing the new levy. However, she said that the amendment would represent a significant increase in levy funds compared with the existing system.

Baroness Scott went on to say that the neighbourhood share should not result in less money being allocated than in the current system, that the government are consulting on what proportion of levy proceeds local councils should expect to receive and that regulations will ensure local councils have flexibility in how the levy is spent.

Read Lord Lytton’s speech and the entire debate

Watch the debate

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