NALC becomes a White Ribbon Accredited organisation


The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has become a White Ribbon Accredited organisation for its commitment to ending men’s violence against women in the workplace and the local community.

As a White Ribbon Accredited organisation, NALC will deliver a three-year plan to change staff culture, systems, and our wider community. The plan will help NALC eliminate attitudes and behaviours that lead to violence against women, which includes staff training, holding online events, attending the White Ribbon conference, and raising awareness within the local (parish and town) council sector.

White Ribbon Accreditation is an opportunity for NALC to make the workplace safe for women and men and to upskill staff to become changemakers.

Cllr Sue Baxter, vice-president of NALC, said: "Becoming a White Ribbon Accredited organisation isn't just a badge of honour; it's a commitment to fostering a culture of respect and empowerment. It's a pledge to stand against violence and discrimination, to amplify voices that need to be heard, and to weave threads of compassion into the fabric of our society. With every step towards accreditation, NALC strides towards a brighter, safer future for all."

Anthea Sully, chief executive of White Ribbon UK, said: “White Ribbon Accredited Organisations can make a real difference towards ending violence against women by promoting a culture of respect and equality among their staff and wider communities. By raising awareness among employees, people can learn how to become allies and call out violent and abusive behaviour when they see it. We are delighted to welcome the NALC as one of our White Ribbon Accredited Organisations. We look forward to working with them to end violence against women once and for all.”

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