NALC meets with the UK's membership organisation for leisure-time music


The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) on 23 August 2023 met with Making Music, the UK's membership organisation for leisure-time music.

At the meeting, NALC's chief executive, Jonathan Owen, and Make Music's chief executive, Barbara Eifler, discussed how the two organisations can work together to benefit their members. They spoke about working on the Terrorism Bill, how the local (parish and town) council sector can support music makers, primarily through access to facilities, and how to encourage some of those musicians to get involved in the work of their local councils. 

Both organisations agreed to collaborate on future events and promote each other's work with their networks.

Making Music has around 3,850 groups representing about 228,000 music makers across the UK. They are dedicated to empowering everyone, whatever their background or experience, to come together in their community to make or present music. 

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