NALC to speak on empowering local councils in tackling climate change

climate change

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) will speak at an event to explore how local (parish and town) councils can identify and plan action towards net zero and address nature depletion.

The free online event hosted by Shared Intelligence, a leading consultancy firm specialising in local governance, takes place on 9 November 9 2023 and aims to guide local councils in taking effective action against climate change and nature depletion. 

Shared Intelligence, known for its expertise in supporting local governments, had previously authored a delivery framework designed to assist local councils in their efforts to combat climate change. They have since collaborated with Friends of the Earth, a prominent environmental advocacy organisation, to identify essential steps for principal local authorities. Their collaborative report, titled Road to zero carbon: council action on green jobs and skills, has been instrumental in guiding local authorities towards more sustainable practices.

Now, Shared Intelligence is determined to extend its efforts to the grassroots level of local government. The upcoming online event will explore various strategies for councils to identify and plan actions toward achieving net-zero emissions, addressing the depletion of biodiversity, and considering a wide range of tools at their disposal to effect change.

 The event will cover critical topics such as net zero planning, biodiversity conservation, leveraging local resources and turning ideas into action. The event features distinguished speakers, including NALC, Tony Blake, director of Shared Intelligence, and Sandra Bell, senior sustainability analyst at Friends of the Earth.

The event promises to be an informative and engaging platform for local councils and other local authorities to gain crucial knowledge and inspiration to make a change in the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss.

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