NALC secures exclusive discount to access the Green Book   


As part of the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) growing HR and employment service, NALC has agreed with the Local Government Association (LGA) a 15% discount for the first year subscription to its Employer Link service.

In December 2023, NALC launched the new model and template contracts of employment for local (parish and town) councils. NALC recommend that local councils align their terms and conditions with the best practices outlined in the local government sector, as defined by the Green Book. The new documents written by NALC help to understand those terms and their application within the council.

To help local councils understand and be fully aware of all the terms in the Green Book, a subscription fee is required to access this information. All local councils can sign up to the LGA's Employer Link service, which includes access to the Green Book and other employment advice and guidance. NALC has agreed with the LGA to a 15% discount on the first year (usual price £468) using the code NALC15.

NALC member councils also have access to various resources to help them be good employers. Councillors are encouraged to read The Good Councillor's guide to employment, while the NALC website has a range of template policies and how-to guides. All member councils have access to HR advice through NALC's national service or local arrangements put in place by county associations.

If councils have any questions related to NALC's HR guidance or wish to request advice, they should contact their local county association.

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