NALC launches new banking webpage to help address local council concerns


In response to numerous issues raised by local (parish and town) councils about high street banks, the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has launched a new webpage to help address those concerns.

Local councils have cited issues such as a need for more comprehension regarding the role and function of local councils, challenges with online banking, prolonged wait times for telephone banking, and difficulties in completing mandate forms over the past few years.

The new webpage sheds light on the intricate banking landscape within which local councils operate. It delves into prevalent banking challenges and their likely origins, outlining the sector-wide advocacy efforts conducted by NALC and its counterparts in recent years. The page also features contact information and initiatives for banks actively engaged with local councils, relevant resources, insights from NALC's 2020 banking research, a dedicated document defining local councils for high street banks, and a compilation of pertinent news stories.

NALC is committed to resolving challenges local councils face in the banking sector and will continue to work with UK Finance, the trade association for banks, and other stakeholders.

Explore the new banking webpage

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