Home Office announces free webinar for Martyn's Law standard tier consultation

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Following the publication of the long-awaited Martyn's Law standard tier consultation, the Home Office has announced that it will be hosting a webinar for public sector bodies, including local (parish and town) councils, which may own or manage buildings and premises falling in the scope of the standard tier of the draft Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill.

The government reaffirmed its commitment to introducing this critical legislation in the King's Speech in November 2023. However, recognising the feedback provided during pre-legislative scrutiny and the Home Offices' engagement with stakeholders, the government committed to further public consultation, specifically on the standard tier, to ensure the public and those impacted by the proposals have the opportunity to offer in-depth views on the standard tier, before the legislation's introduction to parliament. 

The free webinar will occur on 13 February 2024 between 3 and 4 pm via Microsoft Teams (details below).

The Home Office has confirmed its Microsoft Teams function can accommodate up to 10,000 people. However, only the first 1,000 can participate in the chat/come off of mute, and everyone else will be in listen-only mode. To counter any issues experienced if the event exceeds 1,000, the Home Office will only accept questions via Slido. It will ensure the Slido details are communicated in the webinar to give everyone a chance to participate. 

Joining instructions:

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