NALC speaks at Westminister Insight event on workplace harassment and bullying


The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) spoke at Westminister Insight's Preventing Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace Conference on 26 February 2024.

In a bid to address the pressing issue of harassment and bullying in the workplace, professionals from both the public and private sectors gathered at the event. The event shed light on the critical need for standards in public life and safety for public figures, which has recently dominated the political agenda.

One notable highlight of the conference was a discourse on promoting civility and respect in workplaces. The discussion emphasised the importance of inclusive leadership, early intervention, and calling out micro-aggressions.

At the event, NALC underscored the collaborative efforts with the Society of Local Council Clerks, highlighting resources available to facilitate training and uphold good governance. Moreover, a civility pledge, now endorsed by 1,435 (local (parish and town) councils, was spotlighted as a significant step towards fostering a culture of respect.

Tina Chander, head of employment law at Wright Hassall, highlighted a representative survey encompassing 2,000 individuals. The findings echoed a pervasive reality that workplace bullying and harassment remain significant challenges across various industries and organisational sizes.

Recognising the gravity of the issue, numerous businesses and sectors are making concerted efforts to combat the problem. The collective resolve to tackle workplace harassment and bullying underlines a commitment to fostering safer and more respectful work environments.

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