Queen's Park Community Council celebrates ten years of local governance


Queen's Park Community Council (QPCC) reached a momentous milestone, celebrating its 10th anniversary on 26 May 2024. The event marked a decade of dedicated service, making QPCC London's first and only local (parish and town) council in nearly 80 years.

The journey of QPCC traces back to the mid-2000s when NALC successfully advocated for a change in legislation, allowing the creation of local councils within London. This opened the door for the residents of Queen's Park to take the initiative in 2011 and launch a campaign to establish their own community council. They submitted a petition to Westminster City Council, which then conducted a community governance review to gauge public opinion.

The community's resounding support was the driving force behind the establishment of QPCC. In a 2012 referendum, 70% of residents voted to form the council. This groundswell of support paved the way for the first QPCC election in 2014, officially solidifying the council and heralding a new era of local governance in Queen's Park.

The anniversary celebrations highlighted QPCC's decade-long journey and its community engagement and local governance achievements. Many speakers at the event acknowledged NALC's crucial role in supporting QPCC from its inception to its current status as a pioneering local council in London.

NALC's head of policy and communications, Justin Griggs, expressed his pleasure at being part of the celebrations, stating, "I'm pleased that NALC has helped QPCC at every step of its remarkable journey. It was fitting that we could join their celebrations, where many speakers remarked on our longstanding support."

The 10th anniversary of QPCC is not just a celebration of its past achievements but also a testament to the power of community-driven governance and its positive impact on local residents.

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