NALC calls in AON as insurance champion

NALC calls in AON as insurance champion

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has selected Aon UK Limited as its ‘Gold plus’ status partner for insurance services in a deal running until 2017.

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) is the national membership body for local (parish and town) councils in England. The body works with County Associations of Local Councils (CALCs) to support, promote and improve these councils. Their work supports more than 9,000 local councils, 80,000 councillors and affects the lives of 16m people that live in the communities served by these councils.

Aon, which has been a market leader for over 50 years has an expanded remit for this new strategic partnership, which includes 46 enhancements to its standard insurance service that will be delivered by its dedicated team of 24 sector specialists.

NALC and AON have been working closely together over the last year to improve the insurance offer, service and products to the benefit of local councils.

Some key aspects of the new benefits include risk solutions to cover:

  • Property and fixed assets

  • Public liability up to £10m

  • Employers liability up to £10m

  • Money and personal assault cover

  • Libel and slander protection

  • Flexible fidelity guarantee limits to suit council needs

  • Officials indemnity up to £500,000

  • Legal expenses up to £250,000.

Dean Waddington, Strategic Relationships director at Aon commented: “At a time when a general election casts so much focus on national politics, it is important to remember that the hard work of local councils is the heartbeat of the country – in social, financial and economic terms. Aon has maintained a solid commitment to supporting this community since 1947 as they have adapted to decades of change. Our comprehensive service, delivered by our expert team, delivers peace of mind to local councils and councillors on a full range of risks relating to the protection of fixed assets, employees and the broader public. As NALC’s strategic risk partner we can take care of the heavy lifting on risk matters, freeing counselors up to focus on the real matters of running councils to the benefit of the public.”

Cllr Ken Browse, chairman of NALC, said: “NALC and AON have enjoyed a close working relationship since 1953 because risk management is such an important area of activity for our councils. We have been working over the last year to get an insurance product that helps mitigate risk for local councils and helps them getting on with the all important work of representing and serving local communities.”

In addition to Aon’s market-leading expertise and track record supporting smaller local councils it also has a mobile support team working closely with larger councils helping them to better anticipate and manage their risks. 

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