Time to realise the potential of parish and town councils

Parish and town councils are the backbone of our democracy and at the heart of many communities in England.

They provide our neighbourhoods, villages and towns with a democratic voice and a structure for taking action – real people power at grassroots level.

We need more local democracy with more empowered people and places.

The 2015 general election provides an opportunity for politicians of all parties to support our most local level of governance.

A chance to demonstrate their commitment to citizen-led action, which protects local assets and services and delivers responsive services based on local priorities – all of which improves lives and enhances communities.

NALC’s Manifesto sets out our positive offer to the next Government. It outlines how we can help the next Government realise its ambitions for community empowerment, localism and devolution. It also arms the next Government with a range of policy ideas to unlock the power and potential of communities by helping town and parish councils flourish.

Our vision is to improve the quality of life for local communities through having vibrant, dynamic and effective town and parish councils.

NALC wants to work with the next Government to turn this vision into a reality.

View our Manifesto


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