Media Watch | 49

Media Watch is a weekly round-up of the latest major stories on the local (parish and town) council sector.

  1. The referendum vote in St Ives around second homes and neighbourhood plans attracted much attention including those below (via BBC)

  2. NALC’s chief executive, Jonathan Owen, gave an interview to The Times, which was a front page story on 7 May 2016 (via The Times)

  3. Mayor of St Ives was on the Jeremy Vine Show around 13.30. (via BBC - 13m30s)

  4. The Guardian is publishing a series of features around the local councils (here and here)

  5. The Housing and Planning Bill has been passed but the national group of campaigners including NALC pledge to fight on (via Politics Home)

  6. A local community including the parish council is fighting fracking plans (via The Guardian)

  7. A graduate of NALC’s Councillor Horizons lays claim to be the youngest mayor in England (via BBC and The Guardian)

  8. Frome is looking to open up a community fridge (via BBC)

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