Help us to find out more about devolution

Today it seems that devolution is about devolving power from central to principal local government.

Principal councils are joining up to create these new bodies–which will typically serve populations of more than a million people at the same time principal councils are under pressure to re-organise themselves into fewer larger authorities.

There is a danger that devolution could actually lead to more power being held by bodies, which are more remote from residents.

In response to this NALC is working with LGC in a special supplement to look at all of this.

The devolution of powers and services, from principal authorities to local councils is an obvious and powerful remedy to this possible feeling of disconnect. 

As part of this supplement we want you to undertake a very short sharp survey. The deadline for responses is 26th May.

Thank you very much in advance for any help you can assist with this. 

Read more here for the survey is the survey link:

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