Media Watch | 51

Media Watch | 51

Media Watch is a weekly round-up of the latest major stories on the local council sector.


  1. NALC was quoted in a Financial Times piece on 9 August 2016 pointing out the the Community Infratructure Levy (CIL) needs to be introduced in more councils. It noted that CIL was "forecast to raise £732m by its third year but in fact only raised “over £100m” in England and Wales in 2014/15" (via The Financial Times)

  2. An interesting article on the developing effectiveness of neighbourhood planning in a highly influential in-house Conservative blog site (via Conservative Home)

  3. A supportive blog about NALC’s Create A Council campaign (via My Community)

  4. Could Deptford become the second ever parish council in London for over 60 years (via South London Press)

  5. Professor Jane Wills of London University has written a very supportive book on NALC’s localism campaigns (via Policy Press)


NALC and SLCC working closer for councils
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