Marcus Jones MP supports NALC on devolution plans

Marcus Jones MP supports NALC on devolution plans

The minister for local government, Marcus Jones MP told the NALC Annual Conference on 19 October 2016, that many local councils are bringing devolution to life and is encouraging the further spread of a localist revolution.

He further said that local councils are the champions of local visible action whether it is saving community facilities, delivering local services or taking a very active part in the planning process.

He acknowledged that local councils are at the vanguard of neighbourhood planning and it’s revolutionising the part that people play in the planning system.

Marcus Jones MP further said that NALC was chosen by the Government to deliver the Transparency Fund via local county associations to meet local needs of smaller local councils to fulfil the code which enables citizens to see what is going on at their local council.

He warned that government expects local councils to behave responsibly and protect taxpayers from excessive precept increases. So are looking at introducing referendum principles for largest local councils.

The minister is supportive of the sector-led approach to supporting and promoting good governance in the local council sector. So the Government endorses and is helping to fund the independent sector-led body to procure audit for smaller public bodies from 2017. The sector-led body is now called The Smaller Authorities Audit Appointments (SAAA) board.

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