Help NALC find out more about local councils

Help NALC find out more about local councils

National Association of Local Councils (NALC) would argue that the focus of today’s debates in local government tends to be around regional mayors and combined authorities and this is wrong headed because this is about creating new centres of power, which are distant from local communities.

To help in the fight back against this, NALC is partnering with Local Government Chronicle (LGC) to produce a supplement like we did last year.

This is due to be published in July 2017 to coincide with Local Government Association (LGA) Annual Conference and Exhibition 2017 (4-7 July 2017).

The theme of this year’s supplement will be what next for localism. We will be concentrating on the themes of devolution, housing and neighbourhood planning, health and well-being, and local economic development.  

The devolution of powers, influence and services, from principal authorities to local councils is an obvious and powerful remedy to the possible feeling of disconnect. 

NALC/LGC supplement, will make a strong case to LGC’s audience of government ministers, MPs, senior principal authorities members and officers on how local councils solve many community problems.

As part of this supplement we want to undertake a very short sharp survey, which we would like you to respond to by 31 May 2017. NALC would like to thank those who repsonse in advance for their help. 

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