The future of local media

This seminar will offer delegates a timely opportunity to examine the future of the UK's local media markets - looking at policy priorities for local media ownership, next steps for developing sustainable commercial models for local content, and the future for high-quality services that meet local needs.

Delegates will also consider the conclusions from the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee's recent report on the future of the BBC - specifically the call for the BBC to support local media through extending the indie quota to include local news - as well as assess the commercial sustainability of local television services and options for policy, three years since the launch of the DCMS's Action Plan for local TV.

Alan Jones, Head of Communications at NALC will be presenting and taking part in discussions on 'digital re‐invention, skills and revenue models'. The following key questions will be raised:

  • Does local content have a future in a world of global online properties and what are examples of best practice in making local content with global interest?

  • How has the role and delivery of community media evolved in the digital landscape?

  • With online audiences and digital revenues growing, how can local media organisations further monetise their content across platforms to ensure future growth and offer increased value to advertisers?

  • What are best practice examples of successful funding and training initiatives within the space and how can these be rolled out more widely?

  • How can user‐generated content be better integrated into portfolios?

  • What are the emerging opportunities for content sharing and partnerships within the local media ecosystem to ensure local content reaches to widest possible audience?

  • Do media co‐operatives, crowd‐funding and public subsidies offer a sustainable way forward for developing a commercial model for local news?

  • What will be the impact of the Government's proposed relaxation of financial and advertising restrictions for community radio on the not‐for‐profit and commercial local media sectors?

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