NALC calls for change to the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill


The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has urged the House of Lords to make essential changes to the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill to ensure local (parish and town) councils play their part in levelling up and improving local communities.

NALC president, Baroness Scott of Needham Market, has put forward a package of amendments for peers to consider, which seek to address many of the most pressing issues the sector faces that are within the remit of the Bill. They include

  • For councils to be able to hold remote meetings
  • Suspension of councillors who breach the code of conduct
  • Access to direct government funding and grants
  • A timetable for the neighbourhood governance review to make it easier to set up new local councils
  • Payment of dependent carers allowance to councillors
  • The extension of the General Power of Competence

NALC has sent a briefing in support of the amendments to one hundred critical contacts in the House of Lords, urging them to support Baroness Scott during the Committee Stage of the Bill over the next few weeks.

Cllr Keith Stevens, NALC chair, said: "We are extremely grateful for Baroness Scott's work to promote these changes to this important levelling up Bill. If adopted, they will make a significant difference to the ability of NALC's 10,000 local councils and 100,000 councillors. I urge the House of Lords and government members to consider them seriously."

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