NALC's LGBT+ national network launches a new survey

national network

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) LGBT+ national network for councillors has launched a survey to help shape the network's future. 

The survey aims to gain insight into the experiences of LGBT+ people within the local (parish and town) council sector, and responses will help improve the delivery of future sessions and help the co-champions, Cllr Andy Snape (Flitwick Town Council) and Cllr Luke Trevaskis (Morecambe Town Council), to focus the aims of the networks.  

NALC'S national networks have several objectives, including connecting local councils and councillors across the country with common interests, providing mutual support and engaging groups around NALC's work. The LGBT+ councillor network is currently for councillors serving on local councils who identify as LGBT+.  

NALC has created this survey as the first step in making the network more effective to raise the visibility of the LGBT+ community in the sector. 

Complete the survey

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