NALC advocates for community wealth funding distribution through local councils


The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has taken a proactive stance, calling on the government to allocate its Community Wealth Fund resources through local (parish and town) councils in regions below 20,000 population.

In its response to the government's Community Wealth Fund in England consultation, NALC underscored that local councils in these smaller communities are well-equipped to understand and address the unique needs of their areas. Given their status as statutory bodies, they are deemed the most competent entities to administer and distribute funds allocated by the National Lottery Fund. Additionally, they would work closely with relevant partners in the voluntary and community sectors.

NALC's advocacy extends further as they recommend the establishment of new local councils in all un-parished areas throughout England, with populations falling below the 20,000 mark. This move is seen as crucial in delivering essential services and urgently needed projects in areas facing economic challenges. The proposal aims to empower local communities and bridge gaps in access to vital resources.

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