NALC holds an introductory event on the Local Council Award Scheme


The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) held an introductory event on the Local Council Award Scheme (LCAS), explaining why and how local (parish and town) can apply.

The event on 12 December 2023 featured Anders Hanson, member services manager at NALC, Lisa Etchell, projects officer at NALC, and Julia Mutlow, town clerk at Seaton Town Council, who spoke about the core principles of the scheme and to help ensure local councils have the confidence to put in an application.

Anders Hanson gave an overview of the LCAS and how it works and explained the application form. He spoke about why the scheme is vital for the sector and stated, "LCAS is there to recognise the achievements and the work of local councils and celebrate what they do well".

Lisa Etchell talked about the different stages of the scheme and how applications are checked and assessed. She encouraged councils to utilise advice when applying and commented, "Make good use of the advice. It's there to help you pass".

Julia Mutlow gave an overview of her experience with the application process. She recommended the scheme to councils considering applying, saying, "From my personal experience, I thoroughly recommend the scheme. Particularly, The Quality Award, it requires councils to demonstrate excellent community engagement".

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