NALC publishes a briefing on council email addresses and password security


The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has published a new briefing on council email addresses and password security.

The briefing is designed to help local (parish and town) councils better understand how to protect emails, password security and the benefits of having a domain name.

NALC recommends that councils adopt a domain name to improve professionalism within the sector and better manage information within the council. The briefing highlights the main advantages of this approach for councillors, clerks, and the public.

The briefing has been published as a response to requests for more information on how best to manage domain names. It comes at a time when many organisations, whether small or large, are more at risk of security breaches, which this briefing helps to address.

NALC is working closely with the government's Parish Council Domains Helper Service to promote the benefits of domain names and to understand better how adopting domain names can be made more straightforward.

The briefing also includes good practices in managing passwords and email security, which will help stop potential data breaches and ensure that emails are kept confidential and only accessed by the appropriate person.

Read the briefing on council email addresses

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