Smaller Councils Committee maps out two-year work programme


The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) Smaller Councils Committee has mapped out its two-year work programme.

The work programme will support delivering on the National Assembly's priorities, which include climate change, community safety, financial resilience of the smallest councils, health and wellbeing and setting up a micro-councils network.

Mark Mulberry from Mulberry and Co, a member of the Internal Auditors Forum, presented the forthcoming changes to the Practitioners' Guide. Notable among these changes is the encouragement for local (parish and town)councils to publish their internal audit reports. The committee discussed strategies to promote adherence to proper practices among smaller councils, emphasising the importance of education and training on internal audit procedures.

NALC provided an overview of the range of services NALC offers. These include legal and advisory support, financial advice and guidance, assistance with HR and employment matters, and initiatives to foster improvement within local councils.

The committee also agreed to co-opt a county officer to enhance representation and expertise. Additionally, representatives from the committee were appointed to serve on both the Rural Services Network and NALC's Martyn's Law Steering Group, underscoring the committee's commitment to collaborative engagement and effective governance.

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