Larger Councils Committee convenes for crucial discussions on AI and financial resilience


The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) Larger Councils Committee gathered on 30 April 2024 to address pivotal issues impacting local governance and service delivery.

The committee emphasised the importance of integrating cyber security into the discourse on artificial intelligence (AI), and a significant portion of the meeting was dedicated to exploring the profound implications of AI for larger councils, delving into its current and prospective impact on local government operations and service provision.

Jennifer Bevan, finance advisory network advisor at The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, joined the meeting to deliver a comprehensive presentation on financial resilience within local government, covering key aspects such as resilience frameworks, risk identification, best practices, and strategies for the future.

The committee called for broader dissemination of resources from NALC's study tours and advocated for increased places for committee members at future tours. Furthermore, the committee proposed evaluating start times for NALC's national network for super councils to enhance participation among councillors.

Updates on critical initiatives, which are of utmost importance, were also provided, including progress reports from the Martyn's Law Steering Group and national networks focusing on coastal communities, climate emergency response, and super councils.

The meeting underscored the imperative for proactive measures to address emerging challenges and leverage opportunities to fortify the resilience and effectiveness of larger councils in serving their communities.

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