New guide launched to help local councillors deliver better services

New guidance for parish councillors on good employment practice has been published by the National Association of Local Councils.

The guide aims to to help England’s 80,000 community leaders make the most of their growing service delivery role.

Given the ever increasing pace of change in local government it has never been more important for councils at all levels to support their staff to meet the councils’ objectives. In order to help local councils to do this the National Association of Local Councils has published Being a good employer: a guide for parish and town councillors, an updated training and development tool published through the National Training Strategy giving practical guidance on recruiting and managing employees effectively and compliance with employment legislation.

Cllr Ken Browse, chairman of NALC said: “Our new employment guide is an indispensable tool for local councillors everywhere. One of the defining indicators of a good council is how it looks after its people. Time and time again we see councils which support their staff being better able to deliver their objectives and adapt to changing needs and priorities. This easy to understand guide will help councils to put in place good employment practices, to recruit and retain staff and support them to deliver the best possible services for local people.”

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