Power to the People: NALC at LGA Conference

The National Association of Local Councils is heading to the LGA Annual Conference between 5 and 7 July 2016.

We will be reminding delegates of the work of local (parish and town) councils and to highlight once again how they are a vital part of local government and communities. And that they should be playing a full role in any devolution plans.

We will be hosting a fringe on 6th July on how local devolution should be with a top line up of speakers. And we will be exhibiting for the whole conference. For more information on this please read here.

Alongside we have produced a special supplement in partnership with LGC. In this supplement, we have demonstrated the value that local councils can add to an area’s prosperity. 

In an era where decentralisation is the driving force, we believe that only ‘double devolution’ – where power is moved from Westminster to principal authorities, and from there spread to local councils – truly brings services closer to the public we serve.

The features within this report and our presence at the LGA conference will make an undeniable case for greater parish involvement in services delivery. Our exclusive short snapshot survey with LGC shows, not surprisingly, that one of the main challenges to progress for local councils centres around capacity and resources. But maybe surprisingly to some, the survey reflects the transformative nature of these councils with more and more of them than previously thought engaging in health, boosting the local economy, housing and social care issues.

Cllr Ken Browse, chair of NALC, said: “ The National Association is really glad to have worked with the LGA, principal authorities, local councils and LGC on our work here. It goes to show once again the wide range of great community work undertaken by our councils up and down the country and the willingness of our sector to be leaders in our neighbourhoods and localities.”

View Power to the People - NALC/LGC supplement

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