NALC showcases International Women’s Day


Today (8 March 2018) marks International Women’s Day 2018 and to celebrate, the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) are showcasing some of our most influential female local councillors and shining a light on some of the issues that face them on a daily basis.

As part of our showcase, NALC has launched a number of case studies which highlight the issues they have faced as female councillors and how they have overcome them to achieve real success for their communities.

Chairman of NALC, Cllr Sue Baxter said “NALC thinks it is vital that women are fairly represented on town and parish councils and we have made the issue of diversity on town and parish councils a top priority for 2018.”

“Last year NALC set up a Diversity Commission which is conducting an extensive piece of research into the diversity of local councillors.”

“Currently the Local Councillor Census Survey tells us that only 39% of local councillors are female. Although we have come a long way, we still want to improve on this. We are encouraging women across the country to stand up for their community and put themselves forward for election on to their parish council. The sector needs you!”

Visit the resources section to read more on NALC's International Women’s Day showcase

You can also help the Diversity Commission by submitting evidence on what your local council has been doing to encourage diversity by taking NALC's Local Councillor Census Survey.

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