Council Spotlight: North Weald Bassett Parish Council


North Weald Bassett Parish Council in Essex is a mixture of rural/sub-urban areas, three villages within the parish, with a population of an estimated 7,000 and precept of £172,034.

The council prides itself of the high-level of service it gives to local residents, which is evidenced by the fact that local residents choose to visit the library (in which the parish office is located) specifically on the days the council runs the library service due to the exceptional service they receive.

There were many conversations over Facebook between the clerk and local residents regarding exactly who had completed the community garden with many people surprised to learn it was the council’s initiative, and shocked at the action needed to make it happen.

The clerk is extremely active and supportive of partnership working, the main success story being that the council runs the local library three days-a-week, and has done for the past five years. The garden involved co-operation with local residents, local businesses, county council, district council, and two separate statutory undertakers.

There are only three office staff, who collectively ensure the council's legal obligations are met, that the council is proactive with the local community, and that the council is continuously evolving with the ever increasing electronic times we live in.

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