NALC’s Spring Conference on 11 February 2019 is an essential event for councillors, council officers, county association members and officers as local councils join with other parts of the public sector (including the government and principal authorities), the private sector and voluntary sector to discuss the key policy issues of the moment. The event will start to realise the future from the NALC vision that parishes will be the focus of community effort, the natural locus of a range of public activity and service delivery; giving a democratic voice to those communities working in partnership with other agencies.  This will be a brilliant opportunity for councillors, clerks, county officers and members, exhibitors and sponsors to network, share good practice and be equipped with the best skills to face the future challenges of their communities.

NALC opted to move an event for larger councils (formerly the NALC Larger Councils Conference at the end of 2017) to a time in the calendar year long enough after its Annual Conference to give councils the chance to budget for attending a new Spring Conference. For this reason there was no larger councils’ conference in 2018 and the new Spring Conference will provide many larger (and other) councils with practical, helpful sessions on services of interest to them – whilst being near enough to the timing of the former larger councils’ conference to still be of direct interest to larger and medium-sized councils. The Spring Conference 2019 will be the first NALC Spring Conference of this type in recent years.

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