NALC leadership is complete as committees elect chairs and vice chairs 


The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has completed its leadership line-up for the next two years following the election of chairs and vice-chairs to its committees. 

Election results for NALC’s senior leadership positions and committees for 2024/25 were announced at the meeting of the National Assembly on 29 November 2023. These included the election of NALC’s chair and vice-chairs: 

  • Chair: Cllr Keith Stevens (East Sussex Association of Local Councils)
  • Vice-chair (finance): Cllr Peter Davey (Essex Association of Local Councils)
  • Vice-chair (member services): Cllr David Francis (Northumberland Association of Local Councils) 

Over the last two weeks, NALC’s committees held a governance meeting to elect their chair and vice-chair, had an induction covering roles and responsibilities and committee processes, and agreed on their in-person meeting for 2024. 

The complete list of committee chairs and vice-chairs for 2024/25 is: 

  • Finance and Scrutiny Committee: Chair, Cllr Peter Davey and vice-chair, Cllr Alan Neal (Lancashire Association of Local Councils) 
  • Policy Committee: Chair, Cllr Peter Allison (West Yorkshire Association of Local Councils) and vice-chair, Cllr Richard Page (Gloucestershire Association of Local Councils) 
  • Larger Councils Committee: Chair, Cllr Iain Hamilton (Merseyside Association of Local Councils) and vice-chair, Cllr Mike Drew (Yate Town Council) 
  • Smaller Councils Committee: Chair, Cllr Marcus Allen (Herefordshire Association of Local Councils) and vice-chair, Vanessa Lowe (Alcester Town Council) 

In the New Year, each committee will develop their work programme for consideration and agreement by NALC’s Management Board and National Assembly.

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